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MIND BODY DESIGN IS A COACHING SERVICE HELPING PEOPLE TO FEEL energised, free of internal struggles and connected to what matters most.  

Through developing emotional intelligence, self awareness and nourishing your body using the latest technologies along with tried and tested methods of the past we DESIGN a LIFE which meets your potential.  

Many people live within their comfort zone but also within a box of limitations. These limitations could be physical, mental or both. They can feel as if there is no choice and/or that something big has to change. However, more often than not it's the seemingly small daily habits which need to change. Sustainable change is consistency of habits. 

So we increase clarity about who you are and where you are going, ensure it meets your intrinsic motivators, develop habits which will help you create positive change, make sure you are energised as often as possible so that you can sustain the habits and create sustainable change.

"Energy goes where attention flows"



Coaching with Mind Body Design



Coaching is a conversation with purpose which results in practical actions to help achieve your goals. It is dedicated time and space to openly discuss your life matters, set goals, clarify values and plan next steps with a trusted coach. During a one hour session we loosely follow a process to clarify what matters to you most and prioritise actions going forward. Accountability acts as a powerful motivator to keep you on track. 



I work with parents and creative entrepreneurs. As a creative and parent myself I believe this is where I am best placed to have the greatest impact. Although seemingly different ends of the spectrum these two cohorts face many similar challenges. For example both; have a great responsibility that demands much of their attention, require an endless supply of energy and resources to assist them with a challenging often unknown journey, need to trust their instincts and intuition, be alert, focused, energised and ready for action when called upon and finally their time for themselves is limited and precious. 



There are many benefits to coaching it all depends on what is revealed through the process. However heres some of the potential benefits:

Accelerate learning

Achieve goals at a much faster rate 

Better focus

Increased Clarity


What's Stopping You?




My Story

I am a coach, parent, creative entrepreneur and biohacker. I have been on my own wellness and life coaching journey. Mind Body Design was born from this journey.  

In 2006 a health crisis demanded my attention and stopped my life as I knew it in its tracks. The result was a diagnosis of two auto-immune conditions. After following doctor's orders and taking prescribed medications I continued with my life as I knew it but on a sub par level with daily discomfort, pain and fatigue. A few years later a 'flare' occurred. This time my creative career was brought to a halt and I was bed bound for a few months. This was no way to live and so I decided to embark on a mission to find out the cause and triggers for my dis-ease and learn how to live well. 


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