What is coaching?

Coaching is a conversation with purpose which results in practical actions to help achieve your goals. It is dedicated time and space to openly discuss your life matters, set goals, clarify values and plan next steps with a trusted coach. During a one hour session we loosely follow a process to clarify what matters to you most and prioritise actions going forward. Accountability acts as a powerful motivator to keep you on track. 



The ClienT

I work with parents and/or creative entrepreneurs. As a creative and parent myself I believe this is where I am best placed to have the greatest impact. You can find out more about me here.

Although seemingly different ends of the spectrum these two cohorts face many similar challenges. For example both; have a great repsponsibility that demands much of their attention, require an endless supply of energy and resources to assist them with a challenging often unknown journey, need to trust their instincts and intuition, be alert, focused, energised and ready for action when called upon and finally their time for themselves is limited and precious. All this leaves bigger challenges than most for self-care, sleep, exercise and nutrition.

Mind Body Design always follows the client's lead. Goals and challenges are as individual as the client, however we assess basic foundations required for optimal performance.   

The Coach

The coach's role is to listen attentively, interpret the meaning behind your words, act as a mirror to reflect a true image of you, notice patterns in behaviour and be curious. The more curious the coach the better questions they might be able to ask. Bulletproof coach training includes; how to optimise biology, psychology and productivity amongst others and therefore can suggest resources to support you when appropriate. 

A coach is not an expert on your life but its understood that some basics need to be in place in order for you to thrive. This includes; good nutrition, sleep and physical activity.



There are many benefits to coaching it all depends on what is revealed through the process. However heres some of the potential benefits:

Accelerate learning

Achieve goals at a much faster rate 

Better focus

Increased Clarity

Stress relief

Increased Energy


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