Louise Papadopoullos.

I am a coach, parent, creative entrepreneur and biohacker. I have been on my own wellness and life coaching journey. Mind Body Design was born from this journey.  

In 2006 a health crisis demanded my attention and stopped my life as I knew it in its tracks. The result was a diagnosis of two auto-immune conditions. After following doctor's orders and taking prescribed medications I continued with my life as I knew it but on a sub par level with daily discomfort, pain and fatigue. A few years later a 'flare' occurred. This time my creative career was brought to a halt and I was bed bound for a few months. This was no way to live and so I decided to embark on a mission to find out the cause and triggers for my dis-ease and learn how to live well. 

That journey has opened up so many areas of my life.  It has been extremely challenging and the learning curve is still very steep. However Ive made significant progress and I now feel better than I have ever done. It took me a long time to connect the factors that contribute to wellness which included; lifestyle, nutrition, environment, relationships, breath, thoughts, emotions, past traumas and much more.  

However, through changing my diet alone I had significant improvement with my symptoms. One of the autoimmune conditions I have is a very rare liver condition called PSC. Little is known or understood about the condition, therefore I have been through a process of trial and error to understand more about it and what my triggers are. In addition to completely removing foods which cause a reaction, I use technology, interventions and supplements to enhance my body and mind and then track this information. This is also known as biohacking. To me it means understanding that your biology is unique and experimenting with what supports you to live optimally. 

One of the biggest challenges for me was giving myself permission to focus on myself and 'indulge' in self-care. It felt and sometimes still does feel like I am putting to much emphasis on health and self-care but what I tell myself is if I do not look after myself who will. If I do not give myself permission to attend to my own needs what am I teaching my children? These are motivators and have helped rewire my brain to accept that self-care is a necessity and not an indulgence. 

After working in the design industry for 7 years in London, Sydney and Melbourne I became a parent. This was a natural opportunity for me to reassess my path. By good fortune the company which opened the door to many of my health and lifestyle changes offered a coaching course in London. I re-trained as a Bulletproof Coach with the Bulletproof training Institute

The tools and resources I have access to through my design career are very relevant to most of my clients and I often introduce a creative element during sessions when appropriate. Bulletproof is a rapidly growing brand delivering high quality products and information helping people live and perform at their most optimum level.

After many years of being asked by colleagues and friends to pass on my knowledge and share my experience I now feel that I have a great medium in which to do so. Coaching has been such a powerful accelerator for me in my own life I am so grateful that I can offer this to fellow creatives and parents in their own journeys. 

My experiences so far in the design industry, as an entrepreneur, parenting, living with autoimmunity along the wealth of knowledge gained from the Bulletproof training institute has prepared me for understanding what basics need to be in place and how clients can reach their goals more effectively. 

I am so grateful to all the professionals who have helped and are still helping me learn so much. It feels wonderful that I am able to begin to share some of that knowledge and give back to those who want to increase their energy and live well. 

If you are curious to know more or would just like to connect please get in touch. I would love to hear from you.